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What to see in Turin: The ideal destination for Millennials

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Artistic, youthful and human-sized. Here is Turin, the perfect destination for young people but also for those who are thinking of spending a weekend with their families. Why artistic? Just think about the Egyptian Museum or the Mole Antonelliana, symbols of the city. Why is it a destination for young people? A smart city, beloved by Millennials and social travellers. Why is it human-sized? Even if it seems a very big city, the beautiful things of Turin are all within reach.

If that's not enough and you're still undecided, we'll tell you what to see in Turin and why you should choose it as your next destination.

Egyptian Museum, like the British Museum in London

The Egyptian Museum is an obligatory stop for those who visit Turin. The route runs on several floors and is absolutely fascinating and perfectly organized, a plunge into 3000 years of history.

If you enjoyed the Egyptian collections of the Louvre in Paris or the British Museum in London, know that this museum is no less.

How long does a visit to the Egyptian Museum last?

Regardless of whether you choose to see it on your own or to take a guided tour, a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Turin lasts at least 2 hours. Much depends on your interest in the individual collections and how many people are inside the museum, but without long stops in the various rooms in two hours you will be able to see everything. For a more careful visit, reserve 3 hours or even half a day.

Tickets for the Egyptian Museum: long queues on weekends

If you're going to the Egyptian Museum in Turin during the low season, you will be able to enter in a very short time, especially on weekdays. While in high season and weekends the queue is always long: you'd better book the ticket online to avoids the hassle of waiting in line.

Booking the ticket online is simple and convenient; once you have printed the electronic voucher, you just have to take it to the desk and exchange it for the entrance ticket or, in some cases, simply show it on your mobile phone.


Inside the Museum: Audio-guide or guided tour?

The audio-guide is included in the admission ticket and allows you to choose between different types of tours: the family tour, the 1-hour smart tour or the 150-minute classic tour.

The audio-guide is right for you if you prefer visiting in relaxation and conducting the experience at your own pace, skipping the sections that interest you least and giving space to what you find most interesting. Otherwise, if you are looking for a 360° experience, choose the tour accompanied by an Egyptologist guide, always available and qualified.

At the entrance of the museum, on the right you will find the cloakroom where you must leave backpacks and large bags for the price of 1 €.

  • Not to lose at Egyptian Museum: The famous Turin Erotic Papyrus, an ancient papyrus with satire and images of sex, an old representation of Egyptian Kama Sutra.

Visiting the Egyptian Museum with family: It's OK!

Visiting the Egyptian Museum is an experience to be lived with the whole family, a super accessible site even if you are travelling with prams and pushchairs. The "Family Tour" is absolutely designed for children and time will fly without noticing.

  • Along the museum tour, there are many benches to rest, a small bar if you want to take a break and clean and comfortable sanitary facilities, with changing tables for those travelling with children.

How to get to the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is a 10-minute walk from Porta Nuova Station. If you travel by car, park in Piazza Valdo Fusi and then continue on foot. Moving by public transport, you can get there by metro (Porta Nuova stop) or by bus (Lines 13-55-56-72). 

Mole Antonelliana and National Cinema Museum

The Mole Antonelliana is the iconic landmark of Turin, the must-see symbol and destination of the Piedmontese city. Elegant and majestic from the outside, the Mole Antonelliana offers a double experience not to be missed: a visit to the National Cinema Museum, located inside it, and a climb to the panoramic terrace for a view of Turin from above.

Cinema Museum: Not to be missed!

Museo nazionale del Cinema Torino vivicityAnyone passing through Turin must stop here. The museum tour to visit is engaging and fascinating, with multimedia exhibitions that leave you speechless.

The museum reconstructs the history of the world of cinema in a wonderful location like the Mole Antonelliana: highly recommended and really suitable for everyone, not only for lovers of the genre.

  • The "must" of the visit is enjoying the animations comfortably lying on the red armchairs that you find on the ground floor.

Panoramic Terrace: Lift or dome ascent?

The view of Turin and the Alps from the outside terrace of the Mole is worth the full cost of the ticket. To get to the top there are two options: the panoramic lift and the ascent of the dome.

Mole Antonelliana Torino vivicityThe transparent crystal lift is located in the middle of the cinema museum and takes you to the terrace in a minute, 85 meters high.

The ascent, on the other hand, is a guided walk up the stairs of the dome, among the architectural wonders of the Mole.

  • The ascent on foot is not recommended for those who suffer from mobility problems, sight or hearing defects and is not allowed for children under 6 years of age.

Combined ticket: Mole Antonelliana + Film Museum

Great fame, great queue: entering the Mole Antonelliana and the Cinema Museum without a ticket can also mean more than 2 hours in a row, especially on holidays and weekends. You can book the two visits separately (cinema museum and ascent to the terrace), but for a few more euros it is really worth buying the combined ticket that includes both experiences.

Another valid option is the package that also includes the trip on the tourist bus hop-on hop-off of Turin, valid for 48 hours.


  • Definitely, take your kids there. The Film Museum is super fun and the interactive content is perfect for lively and curious children. The panoramic terrace is also the ideal place to take a nice family photo.

How long does the visit take?

Don't think the visit is short, you should spend at least 3 hours. Between clips of famous films, photos of actors, stage masks, a stop on the panoramic terrace and a selfie with Turin in the background, an entire morning or afternoon will have already passed.

  • For lunch or a quick coffee break you can stop at the Eataly restaurant, which you can find inside the Mole.

How to get to the Mole Antonelliana

The Mole Antonelliana in Turin is in via Montebello 20, right in the centre, and is easily accessible by public transport (Tram: Lines 3-13-15-16 or Bus: Lines 18-55-61-68).

National Automobile Museum: Not only for enthusiasts

Even if you are not a fan of cars and motors, this museum will amaze you in a positive way.

Museo Automobile Torino WikipediaThe National Automobile Museum is an excellence in Turin and it's the right place if you want to spend a few hours of fun. The exhibition of the cars is fabulous and recreated in a scenic environment (spectacular the Ferrari F1 of Schumacher!).

The itinerary engages you a lot and the section dedicated to the advertising of cars in the world deserves a visit on its own.


Tickets and duration of the visit

The ticket does not cost too much, about 12 € for the full ticket. Discounts and reductions are available, for example for visitors over 65, children from 6 to 14 years old.

  • The museum is dog-friendly and can be visited with 4-legged friends.
  • The museum tour is well organized and is structured on several floors: take at least 2 hours and a half to see the entire museum.
  • An instructive and interesting visit to do also with the family: it will be very enjoyable for the children.
  • Saturday it closes at 21, go in the late afternoon to enjoy it without too many people, in total peace.

How to get to the National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum is not in the central area of Turin but can be easily reached by public transport (Metro: Lingotto stop and Bus: Lines 1-18-42-34-35).

Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama (Civic Museum of Ancient Art)

In the central Piazza Castello there is the Royal Palace, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and another essential step in your itinerary of Turin.

A tour of the Royal Palace, the House of Savoy

interni palazzo reale torino vivicityThe ticket for the Royal Palace, the most elegant residence of the Savoys, includes a visit to the sumptuous rooms and lounges, the armoury, the royal gardens and the galleries.

The tour is really interesting, the ticket price is about 12 €. The Palace is 5 stars, experience recommended from all points of view!

  • The only "flaws" of the Palace are these: in some periods of the year certain areas are closed due to "lack of staff"; the ticket office, located at the entrance on the left, is a bit narrow; especially on busy days (holidays or first Sundays of the month with free admission) it's easy to find queues.

To see the entire building, including gardens and gallery, you have to consider at least 2 hours. You can also book guided tours, including the 90-minute tour, which is accessible to the disabled and has no queue but quick admission. The guided tour can be booked online and costs more than the single ticket.


  • A few minutes walk from the Royal Palace, there's the Turin Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Here you can admire the famous Shroud of Turin, called “La Sindone” in italian, with an imprint of Jesus image left permanently in the cloth.

Palazzo Madama: A pearl in the heart of Turin

Palazzo Madama Torino vivicityIf you have time, stay in the area because Piazza Castello is overlooked by another magnificent structure, Palazzo Madama, which houses the Civic Museum of Ancient Art.

The museum is spread over the three levels of the building and exhibits splendid collections of ancient works in the magnificent Savoy residences.

  • No queue at the entrance, the ticket  can be easily bought at the ticket office of the structure and you'll enter in a very short time.
  • The highlight of the museum is the "Portrait of a Man" by Antonello da Messina, a must see!
  • The old part of the Palace, with its botanical gardens and tower overlooking the square, is well worth a visit.

Palazzo Madama is open every day except Tuesdays. Free admission every first Wednesday of the month if not a public holiday and for children under 18 years.

How to get to Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello is a beautiful square in the center of Turin and you can easily get there on foot or by bike. In addition to the Royal Palace and the Palazzo Madama, the square also overlooks the Teatro Regio and the Royal Church of San Lorenzo.

Turin and surroundings: Royal Tours and Amazing Sceneries

If you have the opportunity to move from the center of Turin, organize a day out: the city all around Tourin offers many interesting ideas.

Turin from above: The Superga hill

Collina Superga Torino vivicityAn attraction to visit on the hills of Turin is the Basilica of Superga, on the homonym hill.

A place full of suggestions and memories, sadly known for the tragic passing of the Great Turin, but also for the beautiful view that offers the city on clear days.

  • Recommended visit for trekking lovers (excursions in nature are available) and for all football fans who want to pay homage to the champions of Grande Torino (on the commemorative plaque you will find hundreds of scarves of football teams from all over the world).

Venaria Reale and Palazzina Stupinigi

Residenza Savoia Stupinigi Torino vivicityMark with a red pen the historic Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, royal residence of Savoy, boundless and with beautiful gardens.

A fairytale attraction, above all expectations: put on comfortable shoes because there is much to walk.



The Royal Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located a few miles from Turin; from Piazza Castello there is a shuttle bus that takes you directly there but the Royal Palace is also well served by public transport.

The Venaria Reale can also be visited with guided tours of 2 hours (free cancellation and priority entry into the building). The visit could be combined with a tour of Palazzo Stupinigi, a hunting lodge built for the Savoy, for many visitors even more beautiful than the Palace itself with its spectacular ballroom.

What to do in Turin: Nightlife and strolling in the city squares

Almost all of Turin's top attractions are located in the city centre, a historic and fascinating area, a must for any worthy itinerary.

Piazza San Carlo is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant square in all of Turin, to be walked along with shops, clubs and the inevitable arcades, under which you can walk even on a rainy day.

  • Stop in one of the many historic cafés and nineteenth-century pastry shops in Piazza San Carlo, a meeting place for young people especially in the evening with lighted arcades.

Another centre of Turin's nightlife is Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the largest porticoed square in Europe. Classic Savoy style, a nice walk along the river overlooking the River Po and the majestic Church of the Gran Madre.

  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto is one of the main places frequented by young people from Turin. On the entire perimeter of the square you will find an endless number of bars, cafés and restaurants.

Typical district of Turin's nightlife is also San Salvario, railway station area of Porta Nuova.

  • Rich in ethnic restaurants, on weekends the neighborhood comes alive with young people of all ages. You could stop here after spending an afternoon at GAM (La Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna), a 15-minute metro ride away.


The shopping streets of Turin

During a city walk you will certainly pass through the Galleria San Federico, a gem of Turin that houses luxury shops, cafes and even a cinema. Take a trip to the Galleria Subalpina too, which connects Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Alberto, a reminiscence of the classic Passages of Paris.

  • During the Christmas period, the Subalpina Gallery hosts the famous Luci d'Artista (Artist's Lights).

Visiting Turin with children: A baby-friendly city!

Turin is one of the most baby-friendly cities in Italy, absolutely suitable for those who visit with the family. Not only for the Film and Automobile Museum but also for parks, green areas and public gardens.

First there is of course the Parco del Valentino, located outside the city on the banks of the River Po: a perfect place for those who want to spend a quiet day away from the center; go there for an outdoor walk in nature, for a bike ride (there are many bike lanes) or to stop to soak up the sun.

castello del valentino torino vivicityThe park is suitable for everyone, not only for children, and also houses the Castle and the Medieval Village that can be reached walking along the river. The visit of the fortress is on fee while you can walk through the streets and shops of the village for free.

The Castle is the current seat of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin, so the park is the favorite destination for students pausing between classes.

  • Two more suggestions? The MAcA, (Museum A as Environment), with workshops and educational paths that teach children about culture for the environment. And then the tour of the Juventus Stadium, with a visit at the museum and the shop dedicated to Juventus fans.

What to eat in Turin: Piedmontese cuisine and gianduia chocolate

Turin is a multicultural city and especially in the city center you will find multi-ethnic restaurants and dishes from all over the world. If you want to try something local, sit in a small restaurant of typical Piedmontese cuisine and order bagna càuda, vitello tonnato and a plate of agnolotti.

Don't leave Turin without having tried the gianduia chocolate, which is really the best (bring it to your friends and relatives at home, they will appreciate it more than any other souvenir!). 


Where to sleep in Turin: Central and less central accomodations 

As mentioned, the main attractions and squares of Turin are all grouped in the central area of the city, so booking a hotel or b&b near the center is a great way to walk around and have everything under control.

If the prices are out of budget, you can opt for some less central solution but make sure you have a metro stop nearby; the center of Turin is perfectly connected and can be reached easily.

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How to get around Turin: public transport and bike sharing

Moving through the streets of Turin is not a problem, especially if you're staying in the city centre. If you love walking, the city is easily walkable but another nice and alternative solution is the Bike Sharing service that has two major advantages: total autonomy in travel (you are not subject to schedules as for public transport) and super low costs.

  • Rent your bike with free floating bike sharing services (you don't have to park your bikes in the appropriate stalls).

If you are in a suburban area, the metro and tram are the most convenient means of transport to reach the centre; alternatively, the classic taxi or the CarSharing services such as Enjoy or Car2go.

Day trips from Turin: from Milan to the French Riviera

If you're going to stay for several days in Turin, maybe a week or more, consider a day trip to a nearby city. For example in Genoa, reachable by train or bus (in summer there are special buses that stop you at the first Ligurian beaches).

And why not Milan? The city of Milan is only 1 hour by high-speed train from Turin and offers a lot to see even in a single day. Finally, for the more daring, an attractive proposal: a couple of days on the Côte d'Azur, to discover gems like Nice and Cannes.

You are now ready to go to Turin after you read our suggestions. Tell us about your experience with a comment!

Have you ever visited Turin? How much you enjoyed it?
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