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10 useful and hi-tech travel accessories

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Some are very useful and super technological, others provide convenience and security during our trips and experiences around the world. You've guessed it: we're talking about travel accessories! From ultra-connected luggage to powerbanks and to the travel washing machine: here's the list of 10 best travel (and hi-tech) accessories to explore the world as a "professional" and travel smoothly.

VIVI CITY: Il motore di ricerca per biglietti salta la coda e tour
VIVI CITY: Il motore di ricerca per biglietti salta la coda e tour
VIVI CITY: Il motore di ricerca per biglietti salta la coda e tour

Short business trip or 2-weeks-long holiday, having the right travel accessories can make the difference, but which ones to choose? We proceed in order:

Smart luggage: Smart cases and trolleys

In our day, it is reductive to call them suitcases, to say the least: they display their own weight, you always know where they are and communicate with your smartphone. The smart suitcases are progressively changing the way we travel.

LXYIUN Robot Rover S: the "impossible to loose" case

Smart Luggage

Rugged, lightweight and hyper-connected, the Rover S is equipped with voice recognition, GPS and a lithium battery that can also be used to charge smartphones and laptops.

More than a suitcase, it's the equivalent of a small robot that can follow you anywhere and warn you if you move away from it.

The only defect? Definitely the price: it's not for everyone.


Helvei HELCASEBK: the scooter trolley

Trolley monopattino

Comfortable (and fun) the trolley scooter of the Swiss company Helvei is equipped with a structure designed to travel easy and with maximum comfort.

The price also includes a travel backpack.


iCozzier Backpack: economical and smart

Multi-function smart backpack

Lightweight, breathable and super-accessorised. This multi-function backpack features organized compartments, pc pocket, USB output and powerbank for charging your mobile phone included. Plus, earphone jack.

The reflective bands make it perfect for night hikes.

Price is only €30.


Travel accessories for the aircraft and long flights

There are many (perhaps too many) travel accessories designed to best face long flights: earplugs, sleep masks, pillows. Here, too, technology has made great strides....

Sleepbuds from Bose: goodbye noise

Hi-tech sleeping mask

Smart sleeping mask

Comfortable, effective and super-technological.

This latest generation sleep mask can communicate with your smartphone.

Wireless and anti-noise headphones are built in.


Hi-tech travel pillow

smart travel pillow

If you're planning a trip, for leisure or business, don't forget to add a comfortable travel pillow to your luggage. These accessories make every trip very comfortable and protect your neck and back from any kind of stress or tension, avoiding annoying pain.


We have arrived! The must-have accessories always with you

Whatever your travel destination, having the right travel accessories can make all the difference. Here's a short list of the really useful gadgets to pack: small, smart and at an affordable price.

Portable Wi-Fi Routers

travel router

A portable Wi-Fi router or "mobile hotspot" is a travel device that allows users to create their own Wi-Fi network anywhere.

Useful if you are planning a trip to a "little westernized" country.


Powerbank: batteries always at 100%


The powerbank is an rechargeable external battery capable of storing and supply energy to our devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, cameras etc.).

If you don't want to run the risk of getting "disconnected", you'd better take one with you.


Diversion safe: secure your money

brush hide money

The danger of being robbed by pickpockets is unfortunately present in all parts of the world.

Better to be smart and cunning by getting a "diversion safe", an accessory with secret compartment where you can hide money, documents and small valuables.


Scrubba: the travel washing machine always with you

travel washing machineThe smallest travel washing machine in the world! It takes very little space. Plus, it is easy to use. Perfect for hiking, camping and adventure travel.

Try to believe! You'll be amazed!


Gift Ideas: Scratch the World

map to scratch

It's not a travel accessory but a perfect gift for all travel enthusiasts.

With the Scratch map you can scratch away all the countries and places you've visited to find a beautiful colorful map of the world.


Do you want to contribute at updating this list of cool travel accessories? Tell us which travel accessory you prefer in a comment.

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